Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things that bug me

I have a tendency to get extremely annoyed at what most think is petty or insignificant. To them I say, "piss off". As this is my second post I figured if any one is reading this they should now some of my pet peeves.

#1 pet peeve: Being Late. Just don't fucking do it. The only time I find being late semi expectable is air travel. Planes are late, luggage is lost, understandable. I am a Uni student and live in a country that goes into a deep freeze through the winter. For the students new to the area the first time I understand them being late by depending on public transportation. In the winter with the -15°C temps and heavy snow falls, busses and trains tend to be late. To me, the bus/train was late only works once. After that you should know better.  There is always an earlier bus/train. If you ask me to be somewhere at 1800, there is a 99% chance that I will be there by at least 1745.
DON'T BE FUCKING LATE, when dealing with me.

The next few pet peeves are in random order, not so much in terms of what annoys me most.

The DH (designated hitter). You are not a true baseball player if you don't swing a bat, even if you are just laying down a bunt. You are not a true ball player if you don't field. Pretty simple really. The American league is a JOKE. Long live the true ball players in the National League.

Organic :  Of, relating to, or derived from living matter 
Do not use this word if you are referring to the way crops or livestock are cultivated/raised. I can not stand people saying " I only eat organic". For fuck sake, that is all I eat. Even though my veggies have been doused in pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. They are still organic. I like my beef on roids, at least the juiced up beef in the US has flavor, not like the sorry excuse for beef in this country. 
So when you want to refer to produce farmed without chemical intervention, say it, don't say organic. Also do not trump up the health benefits, there are none.  Check out this video and his podcast, Love this guy. 

Again with the picky definitions. Processed food. Almost every god damn thing you put in your mouth is processed. Unless you pick it right of the tree or vine or bush, it has been processed. Example, there is a bad habit of calling American cheese processed. Let me inform you, a nice sharp cheddar doesn't come out of the cow's tit as cheddar. All cheese is processed, all of it. Until some one comes up with a consistent definition of "processed" use the words exactly describe what you are tying to convey. Because I am a dick, if I cut an apple, it is now processed. That is my definition. Anything that is not in it's natural state is processed. Say what the fuck you mean. Doesn't get any easier than that. 

I have ranted enough and all before breakfast. I could go on about reality TV and alternative medical treatment with zero efficacy but I am hungry. Now I will eat my non-organic eggs on non-organic bread with a slice of non-organic processed cheese.

Peace and chicken grease.  

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