Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fishing with the folks

My parents are in town visiting for a couple of weeks. This gave me a chance to play guide, which I quite enjoyed. The first picture is my old man's fish. The second fish he had ever caught on an artificial bait, the 1st was the day before but we managed to delete that picture, oops. Both fish my Dad put in the boat went 70cms. Nice size for eating. The next pic is my Mom's beast. She was getting a little impatient as we were out on the water for about an hour at this point and all she had pull her line was a log. The fish hit and I killed the engine and the fight was on. My Mom was doing well but that rod tip was flailing every where. She was in the middle of the boat and I had told her that she was not allowed to stand (if she did she was sure to take a cold plunge) then the the fish change tactics and swam north, I started to turn the boat to give her a better angle to fight it when when she pretty much gave me the rod and said "I can't do it". I made her turn around and handed the rod back saying "you hooked it, you land it". She got it up to the boat and I netted it. The beast went 4.5 kilos and 89cms. It beat my lake record but I was very proud of my mom for getting it done.

A very good weekend fishing with my parents. Excellent 

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