Friday, June 10, 2011

The mind is a terrible thing

Is it just me or do other people also have wide wondering minds? I can sit and watch TV, or read blogs, or carve a lure and my thoughts jump from on thing to another. It happens like the 6 degree thing. While my thoughts are connected, the original thought and the ending thought are not even close. As an example; Last night I was watching Crocodile Dundee, in the scene they were in the boat, that got me started thinking about extending the wires on my trolling motor to the battery. Pretty easy tie in there. However with the expression that "one thing leads to another", the thought I had last before refocusing on the movie was about  sanding down a baseball bat to look new for little league tryouts when I was 12.
In between these two thoughts were probably 8 connectors. I tend to do this quite a bit.
And they diagnosed my brother with A.D.D., suckers.

I also have a habit of thinking of something I need to do during these wondering thoughts and then forgetting it. I will think of something like I have to look up something, or email someone or go get the laundry or do my homework, things like that. I loose that thought and move on to the next and then the next and then have the feeling that I was supposed to do something but can't remember it. This is where the barley connected thoughts get me into trouble. I try to think about what I was thinking about at the time that reminded me of something I need to do. The problem is my thoughts rarely follow the same paths and I loose that thing I was supposed to do until sometime later, when it just pops in my head.

If this is normal I don't know but that is how my head tends to function. And no I am not forgetful, I do remember what I as supposed to do, and as I am incredibly anal about being on time,  my deadlines are never missed.

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