Monday, June 6, 2011

Batter up

So why am I doing this? Good question. For some damn reason I want to share things with random strangers. At the same time, no I don't. This blog will just be what ever is on my mind. The only connection between posts are the random synapse firings in my brain.
I plan on talking about... well shit anything. I love my family, baseball, football (soccer to my American brethren), fishing and science and skepticism. One day I will be showing off a new lure I made and the next day I might be railing against the crazy claims of chiropractors or homeopathy practitioners. So much like my tackle boxes, everything gets thrown in.
I would like people to comment if they feel compelled to do so, and I will respond.

Please note that I don't proof read for shit, and I try to write as it comes to me. Meaning poor spelling, or use of wrong words (ex. won, one) I do that all the time. Oh and probably laced with profanity. I curse like a sailor so fucking deal with it or click next blog.

Now lets see if I keep up with this or I forget about it completely.

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