Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some updates

Important news: The beer is ready!!! Very tasty. Plus I have some lures ready to go.

The beer came out nice. For the next batch I want something a little more bitter. But if any of you had any thought about home brewing and thought it might be expensive or difficult, it is not. Very simple these days. My only issue is not having enough bottles to continuously brew. You have to get a system together so you don't run out of beer before the next batch is ready. Timing is everything. I found the only home brew store, maybe in Finland, so that sets me up for a hobby that I will stick with for a very long time.
Here is my first brew.

In lure news: I finished up a few. Just letting the epoxy dry and then hopefully out next week to test them out. I know the paint jobs are horrible. My eldest daughter did paint one of them, can you guess which one?
These are more "proof of concept" models. Wait, wait, wait, what am I saying, all my lures are proof of concept. The reason for that is ZERO consistency. I take loads of pictures and loads of measurements and still can't get two lures to come out the same. I use the same templates but alas, I suck at replication.  The glider looking one is a new design along with the red and white one (should dive well), not pretty but we will see how they swims. (for a reference, the red and white lure is 19cm)

In less important news, I passed all my coarse work for this term.

Peace and chicken grease.

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