Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fishing is close

Hi there fellow fishing fanatics.

I will give ya'll a quick update of my going ons. I got out for a couple of hours last week, but no fish. It was nice just to be on open water. Seemed like the ice would never go away. The plan is to get some fishing in next weekend. I still have lures in the works but have not picked them up in months. Been a bit busy. School for this term is coming to a close so plenty of studying for exams in my imediate future. Football season has started, and for those who don't know I play for 2 clubs and fill in for another 3 when schedules and my aching knee permits. Not to mention just hanging with the fam.

In the tradition of DIY, I started a new project. Making my own nectar of gods,BEER!!! So I will post some updates as it progresses. In the mean time good luck keeping tight lines.

Peace and chicken grease. 

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