Thursday, February 23, 2012

and then there was silence...

To my two followers, thanks for following and sorry I haven't been writing anything.

It's the heart of winter here in the frozen tundra a.k.a. Finland. This really puts a damper on lure making as my wife is not a fan of me using sanders and grinders inside or paints for that matter. And it is a bit hard working with your hands outside when it's -30 (F or C, that is f'n cold). I have a few lures (one pictured below) that I have been working with ever so slowly. At the pace I am keeping it should be ready by October.

I was impatiently waiting for ice to get some ice fishing in. It came a bit later this year than last but due to my laziness and family and school (in that order) I haven't made it out. I was excited to ice fish but for some reason lost interest quickly. Depending on how long the ice hangs out I may make it at least once. Maybe even twice.
I hope to build a few lures before the open water season gets going. Stay tuned for that. Hope everyone has been more productive in the lure building and fishing than me.

Peace and chicken grease

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