Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer happenings

Hello my friends,

Figured I would drop a line to you guys out there. So far it has been a good summer, aside from the fishing. I have managed to put some hours in on the home lake but have yielded just one fish, see below (I don't count the perch and roach off cane poles with the kids).
I really need to have my kids hold the fish, they would look much bigger.
I caught this guy while trolling (my preferred method these days). Just no joy as of late, not sure if it is the weather or me. I will have to figure it out before the summer ends. But as they say, "A bad day know the rest". I also have been informed that there are some good sized Zander in the lake. For my north American brethren, that is pretty much a Walleye, very close cousins. I trolled a few late nights for them, but it has been a very long time since I fished for them. That will be a work in progress. I have some lures in the works, slowly coming along as usual. They last batch I made up, there are 3 good ones and the rest do not swim like I want them to. So back to the drawing board. I still enjoy making them so until that little pleasure ends, I am sure I will have lots of crap lures that don't work.
But the kids still love to fish and I hope they always will.

Now to my other favorite hobby, BEER. I have 2 more batches bottled and aging. That is going very well. I even made some crates to keep them in. I saved a bottle for a mate from the first batch. After aging for 2 months, I was very impressed with it. It was a fine tasting beer. I have to get another batch going soon but the weather has to help me out with that. I need to keep the brew at specific temperatures for fermenting and aging. Tough to do in the summer but it's Finland summer should only last a few more......hours at best. I also have some apple wine ready for bottleing. Not sure how that will go, more of an experiment. Might make me go blind.

I am having trouble with the format of this blog so it looks a bit like shit. Sorry folks, I don't have the patients to go back and edit the whole thing.  Hopefully to the right you are seeing the crates I made. Pretty easy construction and a little spray stencil that I cut out.

In other news around my hood. My timing belt is about to fail, so that means €2,000!!!! So that fucking blows. Looks like it's public transport and leg power for a bit.
Football season cranks back up in a couple of weeks. We have a 3 day tourney coming up next week that is usually a good time so looking forward to that. As far as league action goes, Arabia HC is currently 1 point of first place. We need to win the rest and get ourselves in the championship playoffs. Last time we finished 2nd in the table we went on to win the whole thing (around 48 teams in the league in 3 tables top 2 from each play off for the championship). On my division 6 team Ruisku 09 we are doing okay as well. Currently in 4th place. I would like us to compete for promotion but we need to score some goals. I am doing what I can, 4 clean sheets in 8 matches.

One more little shout out, we went just got back from Sweden on a day cruise. It was a good time and the kids enjoyed themselves. We also brought our niece along. We went the the Vasa Museum and the Royal Palace. The palace was okay but seeing the Vasa was excellent. I could spend days there looking at her.

Other than that, not much happening. I am going to try and put a post a month up from now on. I haven't been doing much on here and I enjoy sharing so stay tuned.

Peace and Chicken Grease

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