Monday, August 13, 2012

Loss of focus

This year I haven't spent the amount of time on the water that I would have liked. With school starting back up soon I don't think I will be fishing much, maybe the odd weekend here and there. I will defiantly try to hit the hard water this winter to make up for my lack of fishing on open water.  This year I really haven't caught much. I don't know if it's me, my presentation, my lures, the fish or the weather but I am boating nothing.

Coming on to the title of this entry. I got out on the water this past Sunday. The weather was cool and the sun was out. A great time to fish. I went out the night before with no luck so I switched up one of the lures I was pulling (trolling as usual). I was running a spoon on one rod and my go to lure, the Storm shallow Thunder 15 on the other. Was cruising north with the trolling motor on 3, in pretty flat water. I was in about 2-3 meters of water when the rod with the ST15 bent back. I dropped the spoon rod I was holding, killed the motor and picked up the other rod from the rod holder. I gave a quick set, which I know I probably don't have to do but it's a habit at this point and started to crank. At first it felt like a dead weight like I hooked a log, then it shook its head and I knew this was a good fish. I pumped a bit and was bringing him in, his pull the other way would yield me no line gain as he was big enough to pull a bit of drag. Let it be known, when I fish for pike I don't pussy foot around with light line. I typically troll with 20 to 30 kilo breaking strength line with 25 kilo wire leaders. I don't fuck around with light line or shit knots. Okay back to the fight. I am getting pretty excited at this point; one reason why is it feels like I haven't caught a fish in ages and two, I am entered in an online fishing tournament and this weeks fish is pike. The fish is about 5 yard from the boat, he is a good sized fish, has to be 4 kilos plus, I give a couple more cranks then bring the rod tip up. I turn to my left to move the rod with spoon on it to the rod holder so when I stand up I don't end up stepping on it. At this same time the fish shakes his head, at least I assume that he did as I wasn't looking at him, and low and behold he comes unbuttoned. I stare into the water in disbelief, what the hell, what the fuck just happened? Where is that big fish that was just fighting with me? Why is it not attached to the end of my line anymore? Tell me this isn't happening? At this point I start screaming a line of expletives that would make a sailor or truck driver blush in embarrassment. I am sure that most of the lake heard me, I didn't see anyone on the opposing shore but I am sure if anyway one was outside they heard the very loud American cursing anything and everything that I could think of. Might have even managed a Finnish curse word or two. At this same time I start to go Johnny Mac on my gear, throwing my rod down kicking the landing net, picking the rod back up and whipping it at the water, just going nuts in general. I manage to gain a bit of composure and stop beating my gear. Knowing, I can't afford to replace it. I sit for a few moments thinking of all the things I did wrong. I should have done this or that. I do this to myself a lot. I am a goalkeeper and every time a play happens and I am scored on or almost scored on I analyze it till there is nothing left and beat myself up about it for the next week, and more than not get bruised knuckles from taking it out on the post. Anyway, I check over my gear and make sure everything is good to go and put my lures back in the water and continue my fishing. Cursing and shaking my head for the next hour of fishing, without a bite.

That was it for my fishing this weekend. One good fish lost to poor focus and bad organization. It makes be think back to the military 7 P's; Prior Proper Planning, Prevent Piss Poor Performance.

There is always next time. Hopefully that time comes soon.

Peace and Chicken Grease.


  1. swearing at fish tackle is all part of the job, nice read

    1. Too bad that doesn't make me a pro, ;). I just make sure to tone it down when the wee ones are with.