Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Politics.............. less and less for me.

I have been chewing on this for a few years now. I was born and raised a very conservative Republican. That's right REPUBLICAN. The first time I was able to vote for president, I voted for Bob Dole. The second time I was able to vote it was for Bush (W), and I voted for him the second time he ran.
I never did much research on candidates in the past, it said R next to a candidate, he/she got my vote. That was true from county elections to federal elections, you are republican you are my kind.

All that being said, I question my Republicanness (I know, not a word, bite me). I hear the mindless dribble that comes out of the GOP's candidates for president and I want to bash my fucking head into a wall. The anti-science shit is reGODDAMNdiculous. No vacancies don't cause retardation, yes we are fucking with the environment. Think before you open your mouth. The republican party is moving further from the reservation. Their science literacy is equivalent to my 4 year olds. Pathetic for supposedly educated people. Separation of church and state is an absolute must, full fucking stop.
I am still down with small government and big military. I will probably always point that way. But as for the rest, it makes me cringe.

Since I have lived over here I admit that I don't follow US politics as much as I used to. I have not met another conservative over here and tend to have talks with others who think I am crazy for voting for Bush, let alone admitting it and saying I have done it twice with no remorse.

These days I don't think I can wear my "Proud to be a Republican" hat (yes it is a real hat that I own). I don't plan on voting in the next election. I don't think at this point any of the candidates represent my views and opinions. I will not vote because I don't like the other guy. That is pure chicken shit.

So for the time being I will watch from across the pond, getting shit from my liberal friends the whole time.

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  1. I voted for Bush both times, and I voted for Obama. I'm not sure which one I regret more.