Friday, December 9, 2011

Sand eels

Here is something a bit different from me and I blame Paul at HomeLureMaking Blog. They are very easy to put together and if you go over to Paul's blog he has an excellent tutorial video on the making and the fishing of these lures.
These could definitely be made with the kids and there is loads of potential for being creative. Which we all know I am not.
I probably will be making a bunch more of these in different sizes and shapes. I have a feeling these may do a trick on stripers so I will send them over to my bud in MA.

In other lure related news, I have 5 lures waiting to be varnished. Thanks to Mikko at Solar Fall Baits I will be trying a product new to me, EnviroTex Lite. His video made it look way to easy so I am sure I will screw the pooch on this one.

Other than that not to much going down. Waiting for winter to show up, at this rate I don't think we will have any fishable hard water till mid January. It needs to hit -15 and stay there, I don't care if that is Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Peace and Chicken grease


  1. They turned out great, thanks for link, its a bit mad seeing them made by somebody else but great. Let me know how you friend gets on with them.

  2. Hey Paul, I made another 4 more today. Can't wait to use them.